Floral reliefs

How it all began:

For decades, I have been working with flowers, grasses, and plant materials. I am still fascinated by the beauty, uniqueness, and perfection of our nature. Inside me, there was a deep desire that kept growing stronger: I wanted to preserve the naturalness of florals and halt their transience. After years of experimentation, I succeeded in creating something entirely new and extraordinary with the floral meadow reliefs in 2022. These artworks document the uniqueness of nature while simultaneously embodying a warning or reminder of how fragile and in need of protection it is.

Artistic Perspective:

As the floral biodiversity of nature slowly dwindles, what else do we have left but to conserve it, to preserve it as a memory? My works are meant to remind people of all that we currently have and what could soon be a thing of the past if we continue on our current path. Nature is a delicate ecosystem that deserves respect and protection; otherwise, we will soon cease to exist. One can view my works as a sanctuary or as grass ready to be mowed – they are meant to evoke emotions. It is up to each individual to decide what thoughts and emotions they provoke.

The creation of a floral relief:

These unique pieces, reminiscent of paintings, are constructed from multiple layers using a sophisticated mixed technique. They are made entirely from real grasses and natural plant materials. Initially, the florals must be carefully pressed and dried before being glued onto canvas, thereby preserving them simultaneously with the adhesive. Additionally, numerous layers of acrylic paint, finishing, and varnishing protect them from further external influences. This ensures the quality and longevity of an original floral meadow relief for decades to come.